Modern Languages

Courses and examination-oriented lessons provided in French and Spanish for all backgrounds and all levels.

☑️ GCSE and IGCSE (all boards)
☑️ A-Level
☑️ International Baccalaureate
☑️ SAT Subject Test
☑️ AP
☑️ Core Language (beginner to advanced levels)

Here are the basic offers for 1 hour of contact with a French or Spanish teacher – material, weekly monitoring, homework correction and guidance included. Please, scroll down for degressive pricing and group lessons.

Core Language: €55 (conversion in HKD / GBPJPY / USDTWD)
I/GCSE: €65 (conversion in HKD / GBPJPY / USDTWD)
A-Level: €70 (conversion in HKD / GBPJPY / USDTWD)
IB Language A: €75 (conversion in HKD / GBPJPY / USDTWD)
IB Language B: €70 (conversion in HKD / GBPJPY / USDTWD)
IB ab initio: €65 (conversion in HKD / GBPJPY / USDTWD)
SAT Subject Test: €65 (conversion in HKD / GBPJPY / USDTWD)
AP: €75 (conversion in HKD / GBPJPY / USDTWD)

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Material and logistics

Have you thought about making a group with friends or classmates who share a common goal and level with you in the language you are learning? We accept up to 4 students in a private group. We don’t accept more students in one group, because we think this is a perfect balance in terms of quality for learning and for the amount of work required for the teacher when correcting and preparing individual’s material before and after the lesson. Please, check the table hereunder, for the degressive rate you get as advantage, when forming a group of students.