Each lesson or course can be either face-to-face or online.

Regarding online lessons, the teacher will provide all material and information before or during the contact hour. The student will be directly in touch with them and receive the soft copy material.

Some specific requirements may be involved, depending on the material and the type of lesson. In order to communicate with the student before, during and after the lesson, the teacher may use:

► attachments by e-mail
Google Drive – Slides or Docs
► PDF or Word/LibreOffice documents

Here are the softwares or applications the teacher may use to communicate with the student during the lesson:

Google Hangouts or Duo

The student may inform the teacher about their preference. Please, be aware that some of these applications have different detailed functions. We advise you to choose the one you know the most and suggest it to your teacher.

For students who take regular lessons, there might be works assigned from a week to another week. The teacher has to keep record of the assignment and may communicate during the rest of the week, presumably by e-mail, about the process. Apart from translations, which are another specific request, other material provided by e-mail before or after the contact hour, is actually part of the lesson and will not require any extra payment.