Classical Languages

Many people refer to Latin or Classical Greek language and culture, but few comprehend them from core knowledge nowadays. If you choose to learn basics in Caesar’s or Plato’s language, this will definitely give you a big advantage in terms of understanding vocabulary in modern English as a big part of scientific and technical words have been borrowed from Latin or Greek.

Here are the online courses provided for Latin and Classical Greek addressed to beginner or higher levels. We also prepare for examinations in Latin.

☑️ GCSE and IGCSE (all boards) Latin/Greek
☑️ International Baccalaureate Latin
☑️ Core Language (beginner and advanced levels) Latin/Greek

Our private lesson basis is 1 contact hour, material, weekly monitoring and homework correction between €65 (beginner) and €75 (advanced exam oriented). Here is the conversion for €65 in HKD / GBPJPY / USD / TWD and for €75 in HKD / GBPJPY / USD / TWD. Please, check below for degressive pricing.

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Material and logistics

Have you thought about making a group with friends or classmates who share a common goal and level with you in the language you are learning? We accept up to 4 students in a private group. We don’t accept more students in one group, because we think this is a perfect balance in terms of quality for learning and for the amount of work required for the teacher when correcting and preparing individual’s material before and after the lesson. Please, check the table hereunder, for the degressive pricing you get as advantage, when forming a group of students.