About me

I’m leading an association of independent private professionals in the field of teaching and translation. We work on all kinds of translation and we also teach and manage tuition in French, Spanish, Chinese, Latin and Classical Greek for international examinations, and core language for school preparation and for professional or personal goals. We adapt to specific requests for all local assignments and academic evaluations.

Trained and developed in Asia and Europe, we are familiar with high educational systems that prevail in top international schools – particularly International Baccalaureate, International and National GCSE, American SAT and AP.

We are not a company nor a tuition centre business. We are only independent partners, teaching or translating, who like their job. We offer our organic teaching and translating skills. We do handcrafted culture and education because we like what we do.

Current offers

French/Spanish Lessons

Latin/Ancient Greek Lessons

Translation/Public Writing

Please, check the menu to know whether we already have the curriculum you are looking for. For any specific request, or if you have any concern, please, contact me.

My team

Since many traditional tutoring and editing centres are deadened by a heavy and inefficient administrative apparatus which is also a cost for customers, we have chosen the association model where a private teacher or translator can be in direct contact with students and customers, answer actual requests and get to the point for any language, conversational skills related or any specific request. This also maintains a closer relationship between us, without any administrative obstacle. Customers have direct access to us and our work becomes smoother. This website is entirely managed by the main responsible teacher. You may read a word from him here for more information.

Regarding tuition and courses, the main organisation for this project leads its builder to find and select other teachers/translators when necessary, and prospect for specialists in any other Language and Humanities subject to help students encounter them, if our students are seeking subjects we do not teach.

Please, use the contact page for any question, concern or remark.

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